I hope you studied part two

Yesterday I began a wonderful story of the most amazing time in a students life exams.

Each moment during an exam passes so slowly I could swear it stopped. Or maybe it was just the people father time employs playing a cruel cruel joke on me. Damn you father time, control your employees.

2 hours left alone with my thoughts. Scary.

I often think of Sookie in true blood and hope no one can hear my thoughts. Which makes no sense, as I share my thoughts freely with all of you.

In Louisiana seniors get out of school a few weeks earlier than the rest of the high school. I cannot remember if I got out early as a senior. Is this common place in every state? Why would senior year be shorter than other years? I guess they learned all they needed to know.

I used to row crew in college. There was a girl on my team, lets call her Roxanne. Every time we would go to the gym and workout on the ergs (the rowing machines) it was beyond like a porno. People are known to moan when they workout, but this was beyond moaning. It was full out Samantha sex and the city moaning. Maybe we should have said something to her. Can you imagine if her boyfriend had heard her workout then they had sex and she was quiet. Talk about awkward.

I wonder what goes through peoples mind that think everyone should have a right to bully someone. Do they realize that means someone could bully their kid? I don’t think they realize what the kids do on the internet to each other today. Then again sometimes it is those parents doing the bullying.

I bet those parents wouldn’t be so uptight if they had not had to wear those short shorts for so long.

Oh good now 30 minutes have passed.






15 thoughts on “I hope you studied part two

  1. Its only been 30 minutes and already you are leading me into places I am frightened to go. Rowing machine grunts, bullying and short shorts!! I dont think I will survive the next 90 minutes. I might have to pull out now. Good luck NC. I hope you come out of this alive! See you on the other side of the exam. (hopefully).

  2. Time doesn’t pass so slowly for the exam-taker. During circuits (or EM, or electronics) exams, we would get to choose 5 (out of 10) problems to work for 2 hours. I would spend the first 1.5 hours laboring through the math and logic, the next 20 minutes “plugging in the numbers” and getting “the answer,” and the final 10 minutes fretting over whether or not I did any of that right. It was excruciating. My blood pressure at the end of an exam was probably through the roof.

    That is awesome that you used to row. Very funny about your team-mate-moaner. Made me laugh out loud, girl. And thank goodness, too, because the title of your post alone got my blood pressure up.

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