All in the name of a good time

That awkward moment when you realize you work in the lame department at work.

I came to find out that the middle school teachers at my school are the cool kids I wish I was hanging out with.

They go out on friday nights,  they play practical jokes on each other all the time, and have stories that start with “we were out drinking.”

I know I give off the coolest kid in school vibe, but alas, I am not. Sure being the token lesbian gets me a base cool factor, but it is not enough to overcome the fact that I was a token white kid in the asian video game club. No I was not nerdy enough to play the games, just a groupie to the gamers. Even went to nerd  college. Although, I did have some good times in college.

It was raining and I decided what would be a good idea would be to get the fraternity brothers to have a mud fight in the rain in the big muddy pit left from the road construction. Which was much a better idea than the time I decided to mud wrestle someone in the YMCA parking lot, while I was on the clock and still in my lifeguard uniform, in high school.  Once the epic fight was over we decided to run to the fountains in the quad to rinse off the mud. As we run through campus we passed a bunch of freshman going to orientation, who preceded to tell us what diseases we would get from running barefoot in the rain. I yelled back “this is the most fun you will see anyone having here during your five years here.” And we then used dish soap to wash all the mud off.

Even nerds can get crazy sometimes.


7 thoughts on “All in the name of a good time

  1. Everyone knows nerds rule the world 🙂

    And we have a damned good time while we’re doing it, too!

    Just wait til our sin wagon tour begins. Those cool kids are gonna be so jealous!! 🙂

  2. I was not exactly a nerd…more of a nerdlette. I still am.

    I don’t hang out with other parents at my kid’s school. I support the school, but I don’t kiss ass so I can be on the Athletic Booster board (and therefore could give my kid a leg-up if she wanted to be a cheerleader — thank God she runs track). I do however know those in the “inner circle” who are constantly trying to one-up the rest of the group. Sometimes, it’s best not to be in the fray. That way you can laugh at the fray when they do really stupid things. Sandy

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