The Finer Things

What’s your poison?

Coffee? Cigarettes? Booze? Romantic novels? Italian men ?

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Growing up we are taught about the evils of the world. Well, little southern baptist boys and girls are. Don’t swear, Don’t be a slut, Don’t drink, Don’t look like a slut, Go to church, Don’t date a slut. The list goes on.

But how bad are these things?

What is bad? What is good?

The king fu master turtle in Kung Fu Panda says there is no good or bad news only news. On the tenth time of me watching this wonderful film, I began to ponder what is that old turtle saying?

Of course there is bad and good in this world.

But are all of the things we are worrying about, truly the end of the world we imagine them to be?

If I have my health, and my family, is it the end of the world if I say the word fuck?




30 thoughts on “The Finer Things

  1. Wait..saying “fuck” is bad.. Oh well, guess I’m bad.. Oh no, and I also used it in a few poems.. Now I’m horrid

  2. “Good” and “bad”, “wrong” and “right”, all those are only subjective. Example:

    My mum says swearing is bad.

    I say swearing is good. Good for the soul.

    (I know, a pretty bad example, but, hey, that’s subjective.)

  3. I certainly hope not because I’ve doomed us all today! My email got hacked and it completely messed with my Blackberry email service. I hardly ever read from the computer!!! So I said it about 50 times in various forms. So, if the world ends, you can blame it one me! Sincerely sorry, Sandy (LOL)

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