But, I thought there would be Jambalaya?

I learn more about life out and about with my daughter than I ever did in school.

This morning we went to the splash park. I know you all think Louisiana is a vast melting pot of cultures, when actually it is pretty much one culture. Shocked I know. But, the splash park, was a true meeting ground of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I had no idea the cool place to be all this time was this park.

“It’s water mommy!” “Yes, dear it is water”

There was Β the naked kid. No matter how many times dad put his suit on he would not be broken, he was going to run around naked, Damn it! “They can put me in time out, but they can never take my Freedom!!”

There were many dads there. Most sitting on the benches without their shirts. Getting their tan on. The moms however, were all covered up. I am pretty sure the men were signaling to the mom crowd come and get it while it’s hot ladies, and it’s always hot.

I knew we were out in the country because none of the babies wore swim diapers. Because a pool is basically a toilet anyway right? Yet none of the babies had an accident. What do they feed those country babies?

One cannot discuss the country pool without discussing the big hair. It is an unspoken contest between women of the deep south. Whose is highest. The winner at the park was a young adult women with blonde hair the color of dry straw that was taller and longer than anyone’s hair for miles I am quite sure. She sat in silence just watching the children play, knowing she had won.

35 thoughts on “But, I thought there would be Jambalaya?

  1. I can’t wait for the pool to open at our apartment. Despite the fact that it’s in the 90s today and has not been below 77 for the past week, management is adamant about not opening it until Memorial Day :/ Cuz that makes sense. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Wow – nowhere near Louisiana nor God apparently..In one wonderful post I now realize I’m going to hell in a handbasket and too flat hair! πŸ™‚

  3. You’ll be amazed at what you learn through raising your daughter..no books for those lessons that’s for sure. Ok, the high hair had me chocking on my coffee..my question is what sort of bullet proof products are used in order for it to remain high in a water park? My hair goes flat hearing the words water and park in the same breath!

  4. Love it! Never been to Louisiana (New Orleans for a night doesn’t count in my book), but I was raised by a Southern woman. Hair is, indeed, a contest. I never won it, to my mother’s great disappointment.

  5. There’s just nothing like a lazy day in the South, is there? Wish we had more bare chested dads for me to ogle here! I admit, I have a weakness. πŸ™‚

  6. The pool we belong to opens in four weeks. We, too, have a resident naked baby But he does not pee in the pool. He usually crawls out of the pool and starts stripping on his way to the bathroom. I guess he wants to be sure that those clingy shorts won’t interfere with his ability to get the job done. Loved the “come and get it while it’s hot” assessment. Reminds me of our resident flasher guy. He wears really loose swim trunks and sits on the edge of his chair with his legs wide open. Creepy. Claimed he didn’t know he was flashing. That was three years ago. Flashes us “accidentally” every summer. Funny post! Sandy

  7. I think it’s a south west thing. The further out west you go, the higher it gets. I was at a wedding in Texas where the bride’s mom had the tallest, longest, blondest hair I’ve ever seen. I was impressed. They also like to iron their jeans out there for special occasions πŸ™‚

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