Violence vs. Peace

The polls have closed. The numbers have been crunched. There is a winner and it is not me. I live in the least peaceful state in the Country.

image from wikipedia

Not only did we lose, but we have been last place for 11 years in a row. How did they calculate peace? Well, the absence of violence. Seeing as New Orleans is the 21st most violent city in the world, this ranking does not surprise.

Top Ten Peaceful Places:

1. Maine- It is too cold to be violent.

2. Vermont- Ben and Jerry’s Factory within driving distance. Who wouldn’t be happy?

3. New Hampshire- I love this state:)

4. Minnesota- The biggest mall in the states. Hello, fabulous!

5. Utah- The mormon’s live here. They don’t believe in violence only procreation. Wish we all could be too busy having sex to be violent.

6. North Dakota- Everyone here is frozen solid.

7. Washington- Hippies that made it rich are always peaceful.

8. Hawaii- Beaches and oceans and love.

9. Rhode Island- I know nothing about Rhode Island. Sorry.

10. Iowa- Wide open spaces lots of room to miss hitting someone with your bullet.



Eight of the lowest ten states are all in the south.



26 thoughts on “Violence vs. Peace

  1. #5 is hilarious! I know that NC can’t be one of the peaceful states. We have lots of military bases with guns and soldiers. I like the guns and soldiers. Perhaps the facts that we believe in the 2nd amendment so vehemently and hunt anything that has meat covered with fur are why Southern states aren’t rated in the peaceful. (Besides, just two miles down the road from my house, there was a murder suicide. Very disturbing and definitely not peaceful.) Sandy

  2. buy more GUNS! If EVERYONE has guns then EVERYONE would feel safe and there would be no violence at all. And i mean GUN. Not this namby pamby rifle or even automatic weapon. I mean GUN. When i was in the army a GUN wasnt a Gun unless it took at least 3 people to carry it.

  3. BTW…Your welcome sign is in French??? There’s u problem right there. No one knows if you are saying “hello, welcome” or go away or we will shoot you with our gun!” See confusion leads to violence. So, more guns…signs in english only…

  4. Well that is just peachy as I prepare my move to NOLA.. (although I have been quite aware of the violence numbers there 😦

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