Oh the places I have been.

A few weeks ago I posted about the wonderful places I wish to explore here.


This week I thought I would post about the wonderful places I have been.


1. The most haunted house in America. In St. Francisville, La there is a an old plantation, The Myrtles, said to be the most haunted house in America. I have been quite a few times in an attempt to meet some ghosts. I have yet to see any, but I do almost faint every time I walk into one of the rooms in the house. Seriously.

deadly house are sexy


2. The Swiss Alps. For those of you outdoorsy, hikers, this is it. The most amazing place you will every visit. There are herds of cows. Each one with a different bell. There is nothing but silence and then the faint sound of the bells blowing on the wind. The cold water flows down from the snowy peaks to remind you that it is possible to be pure.

Oh my! It's me! Hello!


3. San Fransisco. More specifically, the windiest road. Could it get any better? No. Never.

image from ubranlandscape tumblr


4. Seattle Washington. Yet another place with amazingly breathtaking outdoor hikes. In case you did not notice, I love to hike. The difference is in Seattle you can smell the coffee wafting on the air as you watch the sun set over puget sound. Even on its rainiest days it far outshines most others.


5. Paris, France. I went in highschool, and it rocked my world. The food, the history, the beauty. Oh that I could live in Paris and walk down the river on a warm spring day.

image from wikipedia


28 thoughts on “Oh the places I have been.

  1. I’ve been in Switzerland, France and Seattle – each for periods of time which allowed me to fall in love with them all. Greatictures, great reasons to roam!

  2. Count me in on San Francisco. Though I was there for a short time I enjoyed what I got to see. And that’s Lombard Street in the photo, correct? I can’t remember what street I rode a trolley up, but I think it passed an intersection with Lombard Street.

    It is a cool city from what I’ve seen.

  3. I would love to go to the haunted house! If you’re into haunted places, if you ever go to Edinburgh, Scotland, the haunted tours of the underground system was THE scariest ghost tour I’ve ever been on! Absolutely worth it!

      • Oh dear. Looking for the answers is not scary. One must always question, explore, and desire to learn everything they can about life. It is not the known that scares people it is the unknown. There will always be dangerous things in life; that does not mean we should hide in a cave and hope nothing gets us. Get out there and live!

  4. I’ve seen at least 3 programs on the Myrtles. I want to go there. I love Seattle. It’s got this “fresh” feeling in the air. I’d love to see the Alps, too. But I have no desire to go to Paris. I do, however, wish I could visit Scotland. Our ancestors are from there. Sandy

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