Good ol’ teenage angst

Every teenager has a list at the ready to be recited of things their parents have done to screw them up. Naturally, I do not want to deprive my daughter of being able to do this.

1. I have told her that wheat bread cut into circles is in fact a cookie. She literally thinks she is eating cookies. It has worked so well that when she if offered a real cookie she refuses to eat them.

2. Every day after work we have a dance party. She is at the age where she loves to copy what I do. I purposely do horrible dance moves. She copies them thinking we are great dancers. This will be quite the disappointment for her later.

3. During our dance party she always requests Lady Gaga. What better to dance to. The only problem is she is a little young for most of her songs. So, I play oldies and tell her it is Lady Gaga.

4. She will go to the school I work at. (unless we move). Yep pre k- 12th grade. Be at a school where everyone knows me and I know all her friends and what they are all up to. She may even be in my class, more than once.

But really everything I have done is small potatoes in comparison to the ridiculous things parents have said with auto correct on their smart phones. If you really want a good laugh, go to the bathroom first, then click here.

32 thoughts on “Good ol’ teenage angst

  1. Love this post – when the boys were teenagers, I assured them that I had money set aside for their therapy bills for which I would no doubt be the cause. The bad news – they believed me. The good news – they didn’t need it. They’re remarkable young men…

  2. That last one might make it worse for you than for her. I went to a school where my mom worked at, and it was ALL GOOD, until high school. Procrastination got me into trouble, and my mom is one of those people who gets very very sad when her child is criticized. If you’re like that, you might regret that school choice later. πŸ™‚ Just a “heads up”.

  3. Oh, that cookie thing…LOL You are my kind of mom. I love to screw my kids up. When they finally figure out they’ve been duped, I earn another gem for my Mom Crown. Whoo hoo!

  4. Ha I wonder what horrible/wonderful things I will do to my child. They’re so easy to trick πŸ™‚

    The cell phone bloopers make me think iPhone made those autocorrects on purpose!

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