Update: Gardening dreams

I know that all of you are on edge as to the status of my garden. I will put you out of your misery. It is thriving! And I have not forgotten to water it yet!

In Case you have forgotten Here is the original post about my garden.

It started as this:

The finished garden! Have you seen anything more precious? Of course you haven't.


And One week later it is now this !

Who knew I had such a green thumb?

And Two weeks later! ( yes I just went out in the dark to take this picture)

On my way to being a true American Farmer


25 thoughts on “Update: Gardening dreams

  1. You know, I think I may try something like this on our balcony of our apartment…I would imagine I could get some similar type results. Of course, it would need to warm up just a bit and stop frosting almost every night! =0) Great work, and I hope it is bountiful all season for you!

  2. Never thought of watering in a tutu…but I don’t think I can get my hubby into one! LOL! We have found a few wonderful uses for old pallets. This one’s really neat!

  3. I like the bit where the true farmer is so p***** out of their head that they cannot see straight! But seriously NeverContrary Where is the Camelia??? I need to inform you my Scottish Camelia is still going like the clappers – I worked out it was not 35 flowers was more like 90! Admittededly some gone brown but others not yet even opened. Does this mean Chilly Scotland is in fact superior to scorching Louisiana ( Camelias not jazz!)!???

    • Woah who knew a couple pictures of a garden is what gets John fired up. Our Camelias bloomed in February early march. I promise to take pictures next spring. Our spring is much earlier down here. But I would not doubt that your Camelias would rival that of any country.

  4. Love it! Funny, huh? Plants just know what to do. Give ’em a good bed, some sun, and water, and voila. Dinner. BTW, I’m loving the wicking bed the best — no over- or under-watering, always just right. Lasagna bed and sq-ft beds (as well as regular surrounding native soil) also doing well, but the wicking bed is the best for maintenance so far!

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