The Best Part of the Holidays

What is the the best part about big holidays? Is it the wonderful religious ceremonies? Could it be the decorations? Or possibly the copious amounts of holiday food? No, I am afraid not. It is most obviously the forced awkward family gatherings.

For weeks you build up the anticipation. Is she talking to mom? What happened to her relationship with that boy? Did you see Sally’s new haircut? Oh my god… did you hear what John was caught doing last week? You never know how it will play out until the big day arrives. For some watching the big football game is entertainment, but it has got nothing on the your drunk uncle groping his 50 year old girlfriend on the couch.

It is enough entertainment to last you until the next holiday months from now. Some years Christmas is so dramatic it leaves you with stories for years to come.

And what would life be without good stories to tell over a drink with your friends?

So friends grab a drink and share your stories with me.

9 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Holidays

  1. Or even better, the huge invisible elephant in the room that everyone avoids talking about but you know it’s there.
    For more awesome shots like the above, check out I think is the site. Hi-lar-i-ous!

  2. This Easter holiday at our house was the definition of sedate, mainly because everyone was knocked out sleeping. No drama there excepty for the occasional surfacing of my hormones.

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