How to bring peace to the world with a mason jar

What did you do this weekend NeverContrary?

Well, prepare yourselves, Β I ran out of butter. The moment came as quite a shock. I began running through the streets screaming in horror, causing quite the frenzy. Neighbors running inside to make sure they had not run out either. How would I survive? What would we eat? I think the earth stop spinning.

Then it came to me. I could make my own butter. I could make the best butter the world has ever seen. Life changing butter. Peace throughout the world.

Of course I had to share, my life changing butter recipe with my faithful followers.

Best Butter Ever:

Heavy whipping Cream

Mason Jar

1. Let the whipping cream reach room temperature and put it into your mason jar.

so creamy and delicious

2. Shake. Shake. Shake. Should take about ten minutes. I promise.

You know it's done when it goes "clump"

3. Wrap in cheese cloth to strain out the butter milk. Run under cold water and rinse out excess butter milk. It will cause the butter to go bad. Which would be Traumatizing I can assure you.

Begin to change the world with your butter

4. Mix in whatever flavor you like: salt, cinnamon, lavender, rosemary.


*This blog makes no claims your butter will actually change the world*

29 thoughts on “How to bring peace to the world with a mason jar

  1. Seriously? Heavy whipping cream? That’s it? Wow. I will have to try this on an occasion when I have someone around the help with the shaking!

  2. HA! This is how I’ve been making my own butter for the past year because 1# of organic butter is more expensive that a pint of organic heavy cream. I don’t like anything that comes out of a “factory bovine” anymore. I let my kids do the shaking. Burns up calories!

    The heavy cream (when cold) doubles as a beautiful, TASTY homemade topping for morning pancakes or homemade pumpkin pie (pumpkin, of course, grown from yard). Just add a tsp of sugar to the resulting whipped cream (1/4 c). Like nothing in a can or tub.

  3. Fellow Louisianian here. I love your blog. I’d never have guessed it could be that easy to make my own butter! Definitely going to have to try that. Anyway, because I dig your stuff I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out on my post at

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT BUTTER TO PUT ON OUR TOAST????????!!!!!!!!!!! That butter making technique is amazing lovely butter. I tried it and did my daily exercise just by shaking the jar. But the outcome was amazing!!! Nice blog!! Happy butter making!!! πŸ™‚

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