It is official…

It is too late for me my friends. I am one of those people.

Sure I have been denying it for years. I ignored the fact that I would get excited about going to Home Depot to buy plants. Pretended I was only going to bed by nine because I had a new baby. Yes, I even own a pair of mom jeans.  They are just so comfy. But, when subconsciously I started singing the mickey mouse club ending song and doing the Minnie mouse dance in the shower tonight I knew it was over for me. I am officially a lame parent. Set on a path of endless embarrassment for my child. Even now the song is in my head. “Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot diggity dog”


17 thoughts on “It is official…

  1. I had not heard that song yet, as an Auntie of only one, I’m free from subscribing to some channels, Netflix is what saves me when he wants to watch TV but, now, thanks to you, I will have that song stuck in my head forever… 😀 lol

  2. My son is married and twenty-five and I still embarrass him at times….but one day, he will be a dad and the torch of embarrassment will be handed down.

    Loved the post. The smile I needed as I head off to bed.

  3. You have joined us on the other side my friend. Those of us with adult children who occasionally indulge us with their memories of Disneyland, admit with embarrassment that they still have their blankets within reasonable proximity (fortunately his wife thinks it’s funny) and can still induce me to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow or When You WIsh Upon A Star with one look. I know it’s hard, but if you could bag the mom jeans it would do a lot for the rest of us…:-)

  4. My “O Dear Lord What Happened to Me” moment was when I stood in line for over (2) hours for BARNEY tickets at Block Buster. I wouldn’t do that for a band I liked!!! However, my daughter, idolized that purple fur ball and you better believe I don’t let her forget it now that she is 19! I will tell you this, you may forget things at the store, birthdays or events, but you will NEVER forget that Mickey Mouse song. To this day I could sing the Barney songs on demand…lol.

  5. Embrace the mom jeans! I’m fifteen and I love them (think I might have started a new fad at my school). They’re the new thing.

  6. You, madam, are evil. Do you know how many times my three-year-old niece made me listen to that song? And how long it took to finally get it out of my head? And then to sneakily place that on your blog and me go “Oh, look. That looks familar, but where from?” And then I listened to it. Now I’m going “NOOOO!!!! It’ll never get out of my head!!!!”
    Thanks a lot. ;D

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