Stand up and be sorted!

It is time that this blog got serious. Discuss the hard hitting issues. Stand for something important! If your sensitive hearts can’t handle it you may want to turn away now. Because we are about to discuss Harry Potter. Oh yes I did just go there.

I have been avoiding getting sorted into a house for years now. Deep down I was afraid that I would be disappointed in my sort. Let down by who I have become. Today I decided not to live in fear anymore. I would stand up and be proud of who I am. So, I  set out on a search for the most  legitimate hat sorting quiz on the internet. Because when you want something true and honest you go online. So naturally I asked Jeeves. And I found a 125 question very serious hat sorting quiz on helloquizzy.

It may be a scary thought to put yourself out there and see if you would have been friends with Harry. But you can do it. Take that leap. I did and I am quite pleased to say that I am a:




59% Ravenclaw, 49% Hufflepuff, 46% Slytherin and 39% Gryffindor!


Which is exactly where I thought I would be!!

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32 thoughts on “Stand up and be sorted!

  1. I wound up in Ravenclaw too. By the description at the end of the quiz it is a good fit. Even though I’ve seen all the movies, multiple times, I’m not as familiar with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses. Maybe I should read the books?

  2. Well this is interesting, I have taken several sorting hat quizzes and I’ve always ended up in Slytherin, which is a good fit. However, this particular quiz put me in Gryffindor. At least I’m not a Hufflepuff, how embarrassing would that be?

    40% Ravenclaw, 40% Hufflepuff, 57% Slytherin and 62% Gryffindor!

  3. Not totally surprised…..could see where the questions were taking me — I did say “no preference” for the last one — wonder what impact that one has?

    40% Ravenclaw, 46% Hufflepuff, 56% Slytherin and 53% Gryffindor

  4. LOL I’m in the middle of “letting go” of my recent Harry Potter Lego (Years 1 thru 4) addiction. I’m just running around aimlessly in free play. Perhaps if I knew….

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