Missing the nerds in your life?

Each evening I watch The Big Bang Theory. Ok not every night.

There are many various reasons that people love this show. I love it because it reminds me of college. I went to Georgia Tech. If someone tries to tell you that Georgia Tech is not a nerd school, don’t believe them. While most schools have parties on friday and saturday nights, at Georgia Tech students study on friday and saturday night. Although, one time, I did see a guy having a pretend light saber battle with an imaginary friend on a friday night. He was having a wild party up in that head.


70 % of the school is male. Men studying engineering. Not surprisingly, women often came to Tech to get their MRS. degree.     (AKA find a husband) I would say to those girls, sure the odds are good, but the goods are odd. Maybe you like them odd. In which case, you go girl.

Growing up everyone would tell me stories about how college was the best time of their life. I was determined not to be one of those people. Now that I have grown up myself, I see exactly what they mean. College was such a wonderful time. A time of growth, freedom, coming of age, and doing things you will regret in the morning. How can I not look back fondly on those days?

College I miss you, but not enough to be hungover. I think I will just watch The Big Bang Theory and pretend I am there.



23 thoughts on “Missing the nerds in your life?

  1. Although nostalgia is to some degree human nature, there’s a very good reason people look back fondly on their college years. If done right, it’s the only time in your life when you have both the responsibilities and sense of judgement of a child, and the body of an adult. If you’re not looking back on it wistfully, you did something wrong.

  2. We LOVE Big Bang Theory! And I’m not even afraid to admit that our son is quite similar to Sheldon. Ha!

    I didn’t attend college…but I did meet my husband at one of his college parties. Therefore, I guess I could have good memories of “college”. 🙂

  3. “the odds are good, but the goods are odd”

    Oh, so funny! I have a few friends who go to Georgia Tech, and almost every conversation involves the phrase “I’m going to die” which I contrast with the obnoxious freedom of an English major at UA. Plus side: they’ll have jobs!

  4. I love that show. I’m a total geek and met and married my IT nerd in college. If you can’t sigh over your good ole days something went wrong. We both roar with laughter when we watch BBT. Excellent post!

  5. I’m married to one of those Georgia Tech type nerds, and the goods have been interesting and fun and then some. As for college, it was a good ride and then you have to deal with real life which isn’t always as much fun.

  6. My best male friend went to Tech and I’m confident he’d attest to every word you say here.

    The other day something awesome occurred to me: my best friend is married to a rocket scientist who works at CalTech in Pasadena. He’s basically the married version of the guys on Big Bang Theory! Except he’s a lot less socially awkward 😉

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