Month Long Birthday Extravaganza

My Birthday is fast approaching. I will be the ancient age of 28. Getting closer to that super blow out party for 30. It will be epic. No I can’t invite you. You are internet friends. Everyone knows you can’t be friends with people from the internet in real life. Wait maybe that was just craigslist?

Anyway, back to my birthday.

I have been tossing and turning about what you can all get me for the occasion. Should it be cake? No I don’t eat sweets. Hmm. A good book. Maybe, if I hadn’t read every book ever written already. A night at the strip club with the finest whiskey. That does sound enticing, but then you couldn’t come seeing as I don’t actually know you and being at a strip club alone is lame.

What to do…



I actually came up with a great idea. It is actually one I plan on doing with my family. I am asking for people to make a donation to my favorite Charity The Trevor Project.  It is a charity that helps prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth across the country. Every fourteen minutes someone in the united states commits suicide. To feel that strongly about ending your life is beyond horrible. With the youth suicides in the news more and more often from bullying and online sources I just cannot sit by and do nothing.

We all have more stuff than we could ever possibly need so the next time your special day rolls around think about asking friends and family to donate to your favorite charity.

Think of all the good we could do given the chance.

12 thoughts on “Month Long Birthday Extravaganza

  1. Happy Birthday, 28 is a great time, weird stuff happened to me in that year, good stuff though! Really cool idea for the charity, so sad, so very real. So true about having so much stuff we hardly look at let alone use. Good post!

  2. Ahh me too, 28 in just over a weeks time, there will be much merriment in Ireland this year as my birthday is St Patricks day..thought i’d pile on the crazy this year!
    And I have met at least 3 friends from the internet in real life and I good friends with all 3 now, one even married a man who lives half an hour away from me, and we used to pen pal from England to West Virginia! Never discount it, there are weirdo’s on the net but there are also some good ones if you’re lucky enough to find them like i did!

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