So long and Thanks for all the Fish

I have decided that gnats are trying to tell us something. And it is urgent. They swarm at your face only to get repeatedly swatted away. Why suffer such pain for nothing?They dive right toward your eye every time so you do not miss them. Is the world ending? Did I forget to turn off my car lights? Has Santorum decided to drop out and support Obama? Free ice cream in the quad?

What are you trying to tell me gnat? What is it? I have to know!

I do not understand your language. Maybe you could give me a hint. Damn, you probably are and I am not getting it. This deeply concerns me. Why you ask? Well I presume you have all seen The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. In which the dolphins have been trying to tell the human race that earth was to be destroyed for an intergalactic highway. The humans mistook the message for a sea world show. And earth was blown up.

I bet Newt knows and that is why he wants to go to the moon.

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