The hippies are taking over

I have come to the conclusion that babies are born dirty hippies. Gasp! Yeah, I said it. What, did you think babies came out of the womb with reading glasses, an old suit, and a desire to increase their 401K?

They love to be naked. Not just love, but will take their clothes off at any given moment and run around screaming in delight.

They love to play in the dirt, mud, anything messy will do. I mean you can do with so much with dirt. You can eat it. Rub it all over your clothes. Get it wet and jump in it. Throw it at people. Come to think of it, when was the last time you had a good mud wrestling competition. I know it has been too long.

Arts and Crafts are the high point of their day. Crafts, glue, glitter, paint, and self expression. Oh the self expression.

They love animals. Big animals, small animals, fluffy animals, pretty much all animals. They are just so cuddly. Can’t we save them all.

They make music with non musical instruments. Pots and pans, wooden spoons, sticks, or maybe a box. They simply feel the music within them always. Sure they will use an instrument if one is around, but when the music is in your soul, you just have to let it out.

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23 thoughts on “The hippies are taking over

  1. So true. I had my 17 month old in the store today. Just a little place I was talking to a friend who works there about buying a chair for the baby. All of a sudden I noticed the baby was quite and had been for to long. I didn’t see him. We start looking and find him over across the store sitting in the floor playing. He had taken his pants off threw them to the side and was stacking cups they had put out to give to people. I figured he had gotten up on a couch or something or found a spot on the floor to lay down and went to sleep. It was close to nap time for him any way. I knew he hadn’t gotten out and there was nowhere for him to go. We were the only ones in the store. he was just wondering around.

  2. Interesting connection. Does that make parents hippie-crushers? My hometown is near one of the most hippie places in Australia (Nimbin), it’s like the Amsterdam of Australia πŸ™‚ No one can complain about a place full of rainbows, right?

  3. babies are also curious people…they will stare at you for long before they decide to be your friend.. also if they like you … you get further inspected with their fingers trying to pull your hair…maybe for DNA testing… πŸ˜‰
    only when they are done with their doubts about you and have given you a Friend tag…you get all the cute smiles, cuddles and of-course honor of picking them up in your arms…
    funny thing is babies love me…in my family…every baby loves me..all my niece and nephews..

  4. Prob other way around — hippies want to be babies. Kids brains take until about……ummmm 30 yrs old +/- minus to mature. Before then, especially in the early years, the brain is growing like a weed and being pruned back.

    The stuff you see kids doing is not cus they want to — theri brains ain’t developed enuf to do otherwise. Why they need kids. Apparently, eating dirt is very healthy however! Who wud have thunk?

    Some really dumb, but cute, things are going on. Make believe, magical thinking, fantasies all over the place. Things that often do NOT work when you have to support yourself and maybe a family — and take care of kids. “No, you can’t fly off the kitchen counter, dude!”

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