All consuming Fear

Deep inside

In the depths of your soul

It waits


to consume you

Are you ready?

I am fighting back

are you?

I will not let the fear win

not today

Fear is Powerful and


if you are not careful

it will change you

so slowly

you won’t even feel it

until one day

you are one of them

on tv

warning of the end of all that we hold dear

because you chose to










18 thoughts on “All consuming Fear

  1. Fear is something that I work very hard against, to try not to let it have too much affect on my actions.
    I’m largely successful in many aspects of my life, except when it comes to interpersonal relationships. I’m a big coward there, but I’m working on getting better.
    Appreciate the poetry. Thank you for helping us express ourselves.

  2. Opps, forgot to say, I too like to write poetry and explore the depths of the human soul. You are right – if you let fear take hold , you hardly notice when it takes you over. I think there is a way to “fight” it – I think that one needs not necessarily fight as much as acknowledge, analyze and handle each situation for what it is and not what one imagines it is or could be or would be if….Fear has many benefits to offer but like money one has to know what it is all about and act accordingly. Also, I think that panic is fear’s greatest ally. It’s all a very subject but enough for now.

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