Math Rocks My Face Off

I am a nerd.

How much of a nerd you say? Well I teach math and I am getting my masters in natural science. Nothing gets me giddier than imaginary numbers. I mean you can do math with them, yet they do not exist. How wild is that? Just thinking about it gives me tingles. They don’t exist. AHHHH. I just can’t get over it.

Coming up next month is pi day. March 14th. 3.14. Is it destiny that it also happens to be my birthday? I think not. I was born to do math. Like superman was born to save Lois Lane and LSU was destined to dominate the SEC.

In planning for pi day this year. I came across the most awesome math rap. I know what you are thinking- “Thank God! How did she know that I was losing hope that I would ever find a math rap to learn and perform at parties.”

You’re Welcome!



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16 thoughts on “Math Rocks My Face Off

  1. I knew I liked you. Husband is studying differential geometry…in his spare time. We are also lovers of all things math and physics, he more than I. Just watched an awesome 60 Minutes video on a 13-yr-old math genius with autism (we also have a child with autism). Given this post, you’ll probably love it. Rock on, Math Chick.

  2. wow…how on Earth did you stumble on to that?! I’m very curious to know what you’re search criteria consisted of. I am currently on my final week of Algebra and I have been miserable this semester; I can not wait to be finished with it!

  3. I’m batteling with “Math/Algebra now in my classes and I feel that it is winning! I’m 58 years young and I haven’t been associated with type of math other than the basic everyday numbers that we all deal with! After veiwing the topic of the children with autism being math genious, I was inspired to at least try it, though I don’t feel that I’ll catch on to quickly but I’ll catch on! You see, I’m working with an impairment too, I’ve had a stroke that has left me with challenges and “Math/Algebra is one of them. As I stated before, my generation has been robbed of all the ammenities of the so-called American dream under the disguise of prosperity by offering, and in some cases giving us, false promotions that was temporary and therefore keeping us unaware of the fact that the powers that be was secretly taking over our ability to think or act for ourselves in the form of technology! I would like to “sew” the (POWERS THAT BE) for reandering us virtually helpless and feeling inadequate to function in todays society!

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