The most important question of all time

It is time to get serious. No more avoiding the hot button issues. I am going to ask you to pick sides, so think carefully about where you values are.


Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I know how could I dare ask such a controversial question, but I like living on the edge. I myself am a dog person. It is no contest for me really. Cats do not cuddle. Every time I open the door a dog runs up and acts as if you coming home is the best present in the entire world. My dog of choice. Miniature Daschunds. Those little tiny legs get me every time.

What is the tragedy of this story. My dog lives at my dad’s house and I have a cat. A cat who is allergic to everything and doesn’t like to be touched by anyone but my daughter. The things you do for your children.

45 thoughts on “The most important question of all time

  1. I can’t choose sides, I love them both. I never liked dogs until one sat on my foot and looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said “take me home”, I had him for 12 years. I’ve had two dogs since then, one of those is still with me. In all that time I have one cat who has outlived two of the dogs and at 23+ may still outlive the third. He’s always been a snuggler. Any way you cut it pets are awesome. The only living things that love a person unconditionally.

  2. ok..this is risky. I really crave acceptance and …..i dont think this is gonna go down well….

    I hate them both….

    Ok…hate is a strong word…. maybe not hate…. maybe….

    No…Hate is right.

    I have chooks. The first lot got killed by stray cats.
    The second lot… stray dogs.

    My chooks never hurt anyone….so where do you stand on them?

    I know what i am…IM A CHOOK PERSON!

  3. To be honest , I like both for different reasons but that aside, I have discovered – like with people – everything depends on the being living with you. We had a dalmation and to hug him was to hug a human man . Presently, our cats not so far from dogs – they wait for us when we go out, greet us when we return and follow my friend everywhere she goes. And , this is another thing – like people – an animal is drawn to certain people and not others. They can tolerate most people but just are drawn to one with all their hearts.

  4. Neither really. If I had to choose, I guess a cat because it could live quite satisfactorily without my help. Maybe I would even pet it every now-and-again to thank it for not adding to my daily work load and helping with the rodent problem. Also, you can’t train a dog to use an indoor commode (you can a cat, and I have). You can even train it to flush after.

  5. I am a cat person, but I have to admit that dogs are empirically superior. I think there have been a number of PBS/BBC specials that have well-established that. It’s just the LOLcats that push me over the edge.

  6. Umm I have 3 cats. One of them is super duper cuddly and another is super affectionate. The third is still a kitten and is super playful. All three greet me at the door every single day. All three seem to love having me home. The kitten hates when I leave the house so she gets super cute and super affectionate, thinking she can stop me from leaving. Yup. I use the word “super” a lot. That’s cuz they are. Whoever said cats aren’t cuddly, affectionate, lovable, or playful obviously have never met my cats. Cats are also super easy to take care of. No walking, or bathing them. They know how to use the litter on their own and they’re super clean. I’m definitely a cat person.

  7. I’m definitely a dog person. We have two Hungarian Vizslas, Romeo and Abigail who think I’m the best thing they’ve ever seen whether I’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours. You really can’t beat that feeling.

    We also have a cat, Chloe. The only time she’s happy to anyone is when she’s been left outside by accident or I have salmon treats. She’s always in a snit and only likes to be touched on the top of her head and only for the specific amount of time that she deems appropriate.

    Love your blog – just came across it on Freshly Pressed! πŸ™‚

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