I meant to say that

I find that in life I often find myself in awkward situations. Depending on how unprepared I am, finding a comeback is often difficult. I absolutely hate when after everyone has left I finally come up with the perfect response. Then I find myself practicing what I should have said over and over in my mind. Even though I know darn well the likelihood of a similar situation coming up and me being able to use the clever phrase will never happen.

So I have decided to leave a few of my best “things to say in awkward moments”

1. The nurse asking you when you last had sex in front of your dad moment

-start crying

2. Your student telling you that you look way too innocent to be pregnant moment

– Smile, ignore, and pretend it never happened

3. The someone says something crazy political thinking you agree moment

-Doesn’t that just show how amazing it is that God loves everyone?

4. The something is so stupid it takes your breath away moment

– you know I never thought of it that way

5. The someone says something hurtful moment

-I know you may not have meant that to be disrespectful, but I would appreciate it if you would not talk to me in that manner.

Always remember a poker face is key in all responses. One must fully commit and never look back.

– yes these have all happened to me-

*image from photo bucket*

37 thoughts on “I meant to say that

  1. My problem is my face always gives me a way. It is way too expressive! Good for you for making your life slightly less awkward through the use of a poker face πŸ™‚

  2. Yes – a poker face is best for most situations. You can never go too wrong when you are silent and not only that you don’t have to try to pull out that stinky foot from your mouth and have more teeth to show when you smile.

  3. I know what you mean… I’m always having those awkward moments where I loose my words til the moment passes. I love the “you know, I never thought it of it that way” lol

  4. The #4 response was helpful. Usually I just snort, furl my brow and look at them like they’re crazy. I’m terrible at a poker face, I must practice! Your response is probably a lot more appropriate. πŸ˜‰

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