How to find peace in 325 easy steps

In amazing mind blowing news I have been freshly pressed !! They pressed a post I wrote a week ago Let’s be friends… wait never mind. I am completely humbled that my silly little sarcastic thoughts could be freshly pressed.

To all of my new followers – Hello ! Welcome aboard the crazy train.

To all of my original followers- Thank you for your support every post!



Every where you turn people are looking for it. Is it under this rock. Maybe it is in this book. Nope. Wait it is in a new diet program. Wrong again. Let’s just blame everyone else for keeping us from our peace.

Oh dear.

The problem with searching for peace is that it cannot be found. Peace is already here. It is within you just waiting patiently. Why can’t you feel it? Well because you are holding onto everything else so tightly you have buried it. You must let go. Let go of everything. That anger you feel after any politician opens their mouth. Let it go. That ex that did you wrong ten times to sunday. Let it go. The shiny new toys you can’t afford. Let it go.

Inhale Recognize what you cannot control

Exhale Release it out into the world.

You will find all that is left is peace.

Damn it – I tried all of that and I am still wound up so tight I fear I may explode into one of those tragic facebook posts where I end up looking like a giant tool.

Ok Ok maybe you just need to get laid then.



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29 thoughts on “How to find peace in 325 easy steps

  1. I so love reading the comments in your blog posts! It starts off my day very. very light and funny. And ah. Just really funny! Lemme follow you! 🙂

      • Haha this is an amazing post! Damn it I just read something else about letting go my burdens (it’s a sign :P), I just wish there was an easy recipe for peace. I think the answer lies somewhere in dealing with what gets our heart beating and our minds racing, what causes us to lie awake at night. When we deal with the issues behind our stress/ fear/ anxiety then peace will come flooding, and it will not be fleeting but put us to rest, because we have moved on.Xx

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