Let’s be honest

Let’s be honest

Do you even know how

to tell the truth?

When you look in the mirror

What do you see?

Are you proud?

If I were you

I wouldn’t be

Or have you gone too far

that you cannot see

who you are


Deep down

I know you are in there

That you don’t even believe the


you tell yourself

What happened?

When did you give yourself over to

anger and hate?

Why are you taking us all down with











14 thoughts on “Let’s be honest

  1. Never Contrary…just wanted to say how much I totally laughed and enjoyed your way of saying and seeing. I don’t do sarcasm well or often though. But like an old Metallica song, I can appreciate it in small doses and I totally love your brilliant way with it…and with the more serious and heartfelt things too.


  2. Why do they tell us to go back to school when there is not any school ready for a whole generation that has been totally wiped out of the structure of society. Due to the emergence of “technology”, I feel that there has been a structural desease plaguing our society and we must start to address it. It is called “the allienation of humans who hasn’t been given the opportunity to catch up to “technology”! While the average person was going about working and trying to make sure they could take care of their family as best they could, the powers that be,(we know who they are) were blindly robbing us of our ability to think for ourselves! We now have no jobs and no way to get educated for the jobs that is available,(those made for them)! We’d best start asking for them to start back teaching “Arithmatic” to guide us into “Math” or we’ll be wiped out totally!

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