It’s award season !

Well folks the universe has decided once again that I am in fact versatile!

I have been given the Versatile Blogger award again!!!

Thanks to Searching for the Light for this nomination! I would like to thank my family, my friends, and  my fans! I couldn’t have done it without you.

The rules of being nominated are that you must list 15 blogs you want to nominate and 7 things about yourself the blog community doesn’t know. So here it goes.

I am going to nominate different blogs than I did last time: Click here to see the list I nominated last time. I know I am supposed to do 15, but I just can’t follow the rules.

1. The Solipsistic Me

2. Publikworks

3. The twenty Something waitress

4. Maximum Wage

5. Zendictive

But here is the best part. Seven new and exciting facts about me!

1. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I have seen it in the theatre, IMAX, broadway, and soon 3D.

2. I am a state champion gymnast.

3. I am a daddy’s girl

4. I do math far better than I will ever write. Or so my english teachers told me.

5. If I was rich I would have a house full of kids.

6. I am granola eating, yoga doing, liberal hippy and damn proud of it!

7. I try to live a more organic chemical free life everyday.

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