Parent watching at the park

I have read many blogs about the various antics of the neighborhood playground. And I can see why the playground is a world of wonder. It holds fun and excitement for all ages. That is until you have to deal with the other parents.

There are the parents that sit down let their kids run away and never look up from their phone again. You now have to watch your kid and theirs to make sure they don’t run up and smack your kid or  you for that matter.

There are the parents who will not let their child leave their side more than two feet. They follow them up every step, and down every slide. Heaven forbid their child learns to do something by themselves. If learn to be independent they might grow up and move out. A horrifying thought.

There are the cool dads. They get down and dirty running around with the kids. Playing pretend sword fights and dragon attacks. They are a rare sight at the park.

The rich stay at home mom. They refuse to look other parents in the eye. Tell their children loudly “no don’t play with that kid.” Whisper as you walk away. If you see one their are two choices. One, just walk away and go to the park tomorrow. Two, walk in with confidence and stare the bitch down. Bullies respond to strength.

And then theirs me. The mom that sits quietly and watches her daughter play.



10 thoughts on “Parent watching at the park

  1. Where I live there are too many rich stay at home moms. They have fancy activewear on are really skinny and put everything in tupperwear EVERYTHING.

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