Get your mind out of the gutter

Well folks it is that time of year. The two baths a day time of year. Hey… get your mind out of the gutter. It has nothing to do with being dirty. You see 3/4 of the year in South Louisiana, it is swim outdoors kind of weather.

*why am I so specific that I say South Louisiana and not just Louisiana. Well, Northern Louisiana was settled by German Protestants where Southern Louisiana was settled by French Catholics. They are so wildly different that many feel as though it is two states bounded together as one. The strong French Cajun heritage is very deeply rooted throughout the south of the state. You can see it in the food, music, and festivals. The farther north you get the more similar to the other southern states Louisiana gets. But, I digress.

Now why would I let my daughter take two baths a day? Well usually we go swimming almost every afternoon. Since it is 60 degrees out (which is ice-cold for us) we cannot swim. So, she just naturally started asking to take two baths one day. One normal bath in the evening to scrub the dirt from the day away and one just for fun in the morning.

Many people may be appalled at such outlandish behavior. Well look out I even let her splash in the tub, color the tub with paint, bring her favorite blanket into the tub, and wait for it…. she has ten rubber duckies. I figure if you are going to break the rules you might as well go for the gold and break them all. Now if you excuse me I have to make a mountain out of bubble bath.

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