Everyone has their reasons

I often wonder why other people blog. What brought them to that very first blog, and what they felt when they clicked publish for the first time. I myself blog for various reasons. In my “real” life I am a teacher in a religious school in a conservative city in a republican state. This leads to a lot of me not being able to discuss my opinions, thoughts, or feelings on a daily basis. Sure I could discuss them, I just might lose my jobs, family and friends. Do I want friends I can’t talk to or a job I have to be super careful in that is another discussion for another day. For many years I just kept my thoughts and feelings bottled up. As many of us are trained to do from a young age. But as I became a parent I find it harder and harder to do so. I don’t want my daughter ever afraid to be who she is and say what she means. If I am not setting that example then how will she learn to do it? Secondly I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head that I could not quiet them to sleep. So I decided to start writing out my thoughts. And it has changed my life. Just the simple act of writing out my thoughts on something as silly as something I heard that day and sending it out into the universe Β is an amazing release. It is as though I am packaging little pieces of my soul and sending them out to share with the world. I know not everything I write will be loved by everyone, but no matter who I am someone out there will have a problem with it so I might as well be myself.


18 thoughts on “Everyone has their reasons

  1. I was a teacher for over 20 years. I hate that you don’t feel safe or supported. Move to Oregon if you can πŸ™‚ I’m glad you are blogging and how nice that you have a child. I suspect you must be a great parent.

    Your fan,

  2. Well said , You have the right to share your taughts, n that’s why I blog. The great thing about blogging is that people who share your interests or that can relate with you will be attracted to what you have to say. So enjoy your blogging experience πŸ™‚

  3. Liberating isn’t it? Bloggyland is the place we all can sing. There will be those that love it, hate it or don’t care about it, but still we will sing and the world will be a richer place for it.

    Your’s is a lovely voice and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to hear it.

  4. Im glad you have found release. I guess i have too, in a way. But, your words are so sad too. you still write under a pseudonym. maybe thats what gives you the freedom to write without restraint. But… why cant we just say what we want.. be what and who we are…why the hidng?

    BTW… i love the way you write, never contrary…still makin me smile.

    • Oh if I really wrote without restraint that would be something let me tell you:) I am trying to get out of teaching and into a job where there are less constraints. If only I could write a best seller πŸ™‚

      • My son in law got his phd last year…lectures at a university and writes…he get published but it’s certainly a poor person’s game…But…..that best seller COULD change everything. Good luck.

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  6. Blogging is the only adult hobby I have. I work and I pick up my little one from school and hang out with her several times a week, and I read and write these little, free, nonpaying things. If it weren’t for her and for this hobby………….

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