What they are really trying to do

If you are having a down morning and you really need a pick me up, turn on some talk radio. I do not know how I came across this station, but there I was. They were discussing the upcoming attempt to ban cell phone use while driving. (Yes they were completely serious) It went like this:

“The national government is trying to take over the local government.”

“Yeah like that time they told everyone in order to get any national money you had to put a muslim temple in your town”

“They want to control everything we do!”

“Yeah why do they all of a sudden care about our safety they never have before”

“Well isnt it obvious, its a trojan horse. Today they will ban cell phones but what they really want to do is say it is dangerous to listen to talk radio in your car. And next thing you know they will make the radio illegal. That’s what they really want.”

“You are so right!”



*image from google images*

4 thoughts on “What they are really trying to do

  1. Washington state has banned cell phone use while driving. How long do you think we’ll have to wait for some of the ridiculous talk radio is banned? I’m onboard for that one. These shows are getting as bad as reality TV . . . the more outlandish, the better it seems.

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