the only thing that explains it is aliens, obviously


Ok I have had it.

Traffic in a small city is the creepy. There are as many people in my entire state as in the city of Atlanta. There should not be traffic. With no traffic I can drive completely across town in twenty minutes. Yet to turn out of my neighborhood. 10 min. Literally. How is this even possible? The cars just keep coming. There are not enough houses down there for that many cars. Its as if they appear out of alternate universe just to piss me off. Maybe there is a rift in the time continium just down the street and aliens are waiting for me to get to the end of the street so they can start sending cars at me. Oh and they are laughing. They think its so funny. Its not. I am not laughing.

One day I am going to find you traffic causing aliens. I promise you that. You better be ready.

You better be ready. I am adding you to the list of people/things it is on with.

And it is so on.

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