dare to dream


It has become hot chocolate weather. But the best hot chocolate is the free kind your students bring you. Even better when you say this would be so good with peppermint. They jump up and go across campus to find you a peppermint to put in it.

It looks like a little life preserver. My mind wonders as I grade papers to swimming in a hot tub full of hot cocoa. With little peppermint floating around the marshmallow pillows. The snowflakes slowly falling around me and melting instantly into the chocolate swirls. Christmas music softly playing in the background.

Wait it is going to be 80 this weekend.

Oh to wish upon a dream










5 thoughts on “dare to dream

  1. man! i want a white christmas one day. I drove 3000 miles to see the snow once….serious.

    but i live on a beach in western australia. my christmas will be 100 in the shade, floating on my back, out beyond the breakers, hoping the sharks don’t bite.

    Thnx for reading my blog. but i feel the peace in your blog and wonder how you endure the angst in mine…?

    • Okay but I must warn you. 80s are nice, but it wont feel like christmas without any snow ever. And the leaves don’t change colors they just turn brown and fall off. It may be nice and warm but the scenery is depressing and swampy.

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