Your mama is so crazy …..

Stories from the other side of the track:

I spent three years working with underprivelged youth. It was a unique experience to say the least. Many of the stories are unrepeatable in polite company. However, I have got a few crazy mom stories I thought I might share.

The bump:

A girl bumped into another girl in line for food. Now bumping into someone is one of the most serious things you can do. Of course everyone saw it and messaged the mother. Ten minutes later we were all in the courtyard and the mom slippers in all darts across the crowds of kids going right for the girl that bumped into her child. Mom is screaming, throwing punches. Took five people to hold her back. Did I mention these kids were 15 she was trying to beat up.

The bus stop:

Legally you are at school until you reach your doorstep. It’s called doorstep to doorstep. Well apparently not everyone knows this. A mom, and older sister waited at the bus stop to “say a few words” to a child. Of course the cops were called. They came up to school the next day not understanding why they were in trouble. The were quite upset so cops were called again. This time the mother and child went after the cop in front of the video cameras. The quickest way to juvie- hit a cop.

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