Life Changing Food

I am a food snob. The older I get the worse my snobbery gets. I almost never eat out. Because there are no restaurants worth eating at in town. Why pay for food when I can cook it better myself. A red lobster came to town and everyone freaked out. They thought it was the most amazing thing that had happened all year. I was even in class with a girl who was from a teeny tiny town in North Louisiana. All she could talk about was going to Olive Garden because they didn’t have one at home. Face Palm. I feel bad for people who have never tasted truly amazing cuisine. It’s not their fault. They simply just don’t know. Of course some people just refuse to eat real food. They are convinced instant potatoes are the best mashed potatoes money can buy. I know exactly what you are thinking. Those people are ruining american family values, what are we going to do? When you see one don’t get scared, they won’t hurt you, but they will try to make you eat their family ending fast food. Try and tell you its ok everyone is doing it. Make you feel like you are the one doing wrong. Don’t compromise your values. Stand Firm. We can bring back good food to your family dinner!

My list of life changing food:

1 . Cheese- France/ Switzerland its a tie. It makes the cheese we eat in the states taste like rubber.

2. Bacon- Elizabeth’s New Orleans praline bacon. I know I have said it before, and I will say it again. Eating this bacon will bring you peace in your life

3. Burger- Five guys. Hands down amazing

4. Pasta- This whole in the wall restaurant in Downtown Miami one table, run by an old Italian man.

5. Pizza – Azios in atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Life Changing Food

  1. You said it. Good eating out is getting harder to find. It seems like every time I do find someplace worth eating at . . . they either close or somebody buys them out. Had a fabulous Chinese place open just down the street and I love good Chinese (I’ll even eat marginal Chinese). Sadly, they closed in less than a year. My favorite Mexican was at an easy to pickup drive-thru. They did it right. I grew up in SoCal so Azteca (local chain) doesn’t cut it with me. I hadn’t been by there in awhile. Imagine my chagrin to find it was sold. Now, not only do they not provide the same quality of authentic Mexican food, they raised their prices to add insult to injury.

    As you say . . . Face Palm.

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