Math Rocks my face off

I love watching The Big Bang Theory. It reminds me of being in school at Georgia Tech. Oh the memories. Being the only girl in the room, and boys talking for hours about obscure math and science theory. I loved college. No seriously. Nerdy boys make the best friends. They get written off as weird and creepy, but it just so isn’t true. Oh there are the ones that will dress up like star wars and pretend to battle with imaginary people, but we don’t count them. Even they get outcast from the nerd world.

Its like the kid at my job that came up to a co worker and was like .99 repeating, what are your thoughts? I would have been my thoughts of it as what a sexy curvy number? But of course he knew the kid was referring to the fact that 1/3 is .33 repeating and 2/3 is .66 repeating. When you add the fractions together you get 1. When you add .33 and .66 you get .999 repeating. So is .999 the same thing as 1?

Now you are probably thinking why am I still reading this. so much math. run away. run away. But math rocks my face off. I even have the t shirt to prove it. Of which I cannot wear to work because my boss thinks its dirty. Really? Only in the south would saying math rocks be deemed dirty. Face Palm.

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