Does my ego look big in these pants?

Have you ever met someone that knows everything there is to know. Not only that but they are never wrong. Ever. yeah I know you have. Hopefully you aren’t married to them.

My coworker is one such person. Who apparently thinks I do not know how air conditioning works. As I was informed that the whole buildings a/c turns to heat at a certain temp outside. When I said that was odd, because my a/c was still on. She informed me I was wrong. That it must be the fan blowing on me. Oh thank goodness. Here I was thinking that the ice cold air blowing out of my vents that was bringing the temperature down was air conditioning. Thank goodness she was there to explain it to me. If she could just tell me where babies come from.

Now if she would listen to me I could tell her that my room has a seperate a/c unit due to building codes at the time the building was built. However, that would require listening to someone else’s idea and considering their thoughts to be of value.

Which of course brings me to an episode of south park. The fish stick episode. Kanye West does not understand the joke, and since he is the smartest man that has ever existed he won’t let anyone explain it to him. So by the end of the episode he has decided he must be a gay fish since he likes to eat fish sticks. Say it out loud and you will get the joke.

By the way.. Do you like fish sticks?

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