A sneak attack

A coworker today told me he had a thought about my name. He had been thinking and my name sounded like the name of a woman in the 30’s that flew bi planes. With my name painted on the side. Short hair, wearing pants (which he added would be quite rebellious for the time period), and goggles. He could see it now.

Now this has to be something I have never heard before. (I used to be a miller girl so I have heard it all.)  And at the same time he completely pegged me. I was totally taken aback. I have hardly ever spoken to him, yet he has me pegged already. How? When most people can read me as well as they can do high school math.

I was so thrown off that it almost made me forget the raging sinus infection that has taken over my face. Monday a giant mucus man took residence in my head. It has gotten so bad my teeth hurt. Damn monday. This was a low blow. Sneaking up on me and making the entire week as crappy as monday after a week off of work. Right now I am far too fuzzy to come up with a plan to get you back, oh but I will. Keep one eye open monday. Because I know people in rough crowds. I can call in a favor. One kid even told me that if anyone harassed me they would set them on fire. Don’t think I won’t do it monday. All’s far in love and war. AND THIS IS WAR. {insert evil laugh}

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