Decoration Failure

I will always love holidays. Any excuse to party right? I love buying magazines with all the amazing ideas on how to decorate your house. And all the fall food to cook for your friends and family. But I can never seem to make it look that great. This year I planned on placing pumpkins by the door not carving them so they wouldnt rot super fast. I even saw one house that had painted their pumkins white yellow orange stripes to look like candy corn. Amazing. What ended up happening? I have one pumpkin my daughter carries around the house and colors on. Fail. What about all the wonderful fall food. Not going to happen. My friends are all super busy with babies or their own family. No one to eat fall food means no reason to make fall food. So the most I have made is pumpkin bread. Fail. I long so much to be martha stewart. Crafting up beautiful decorations, making amazing meals, but that shit is never going to happen. I need to come to terms with the fact that I am not going to have one of those cute festive houses. I must not really want to do these things. Because the things I really want I get. Then why this longing for a beautifully crafted holiday home? Maybe I have watched too much TV? Read too many issues of Southern Living? Or maybe I have a secret 1950’s house wife hidden inside me that I am repressing? Let’s call her Susan.

I may have failed at halloween, but there is always christmas…. Susan loves Christmas

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