Stop the screaming

The cats are fighting outside my house.  This happens from time to time because my neighbor feeds the mean tom cats that bully the local cats. I can’t blame her, how can you let a cat go hungry. But the screams from the fights are unlike any scream I have ever heard. I have never witnessed these fights, but they sound intense. I know it must be scary to be minding your own business in your yard and in walks the thug cat and his thug friends. Trying to take over. I bet they even wear tiny leather jackets and carry knifes. Because those screams definitely mean blood. The fights don’t last long. At least once during the fight the littlest cat gets thrown against my house in a huge thud. If only I had taught my daughter karate then she could save the neighborhood from thug cats. If only.

3 thoughts on “Stop the screaming

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