ninja babies

One of the best parts of being a parent is the unsolicited advice from people. No really. It cracks me up. Eating out with the in laws. Fried Fish. Should have known things would go down when they walked in the door and you could feel the tension in the air. So we are sitting at the restaurant. My one year old gets fussy after and hour. Imagine that. So I take her outside and let her run around on the front porch. As I do not wish to be the mom letting her kids scream and scream in the restaurant. What do they think I should have done? I should have let her scream in the restaurant full of people to teach her to sit in the high chair. And if that didn’t work put her in karate to teach her self discipline. I about fell into laughter right then and there. Gosh thanks for the advice. So many karate chopping one year olds have so much self discipline I was worried my daughter would become spoiled forever. Can you imagine ninja babies? Wearing black tights and masks carrying long knifes and protecting our streets. Don’t look now but there is one going down your street.

Other peoples judgement cracks me up. They make themselves sound so ridiculous. When you point a finger at someone three more are pointed back at you.

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