As I ran through my neighborhood this evening. I passed all of my sweet and caring neighbors. Not a single one waved back as I passed and said hello. The only ones who talked to me yelled sorry as their chihuahua ran after me. Then yelled at her boyfriend to get the dog. That is the most they have ever said to me.

What happened america? I thought the suburbs were where everyone hangs out and barbeques every weekend. Damn you nick at night for filling my head with dreams. I get more action hanging out at the dead pig at work. Yeah big giant dead pig they are observing as it slowly decays outside. When I heard about it the kid inside me yelled “freakin awesome, show me! show me!” And the adult whispered ” Are they allowed to do that?” I couldn’t make this shit up.

A dead pig is more popular than I am? Where did I go wrong?

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