Sick baby = a not fun day.

When I was kid and you were sick you ate saltine crackers drank seven up and laid on the couch watching lame daytime tv. But to me when you feel sick and feeling crappy crackers and tv are just not going to make you feel better. So when my daughter is sick we watch classic movies, bake goodies, and eat ice cream. What movie? Today was gone with the wind. A classic. What baked goods? Pumpkin bread because I am pretending it is fall outside even if it’s still 90 degrees.

I know a lot of moms out there would cringe at the thought of letting their child have fun when they are sick. As though you need to be further punished when you are sick.

Watching people parent is fascinating. Everyone does it so differently and they are all convinced their way is the best way and everyone else is out of their mind. I have got friends that are super natural from breast-feeding until the child is ready to stop to parents that feed their kids candy all day and of course my neighbor who smokes in front of her kids. In reality the kids will be alright no matter what crazy things their parents do.  If your parents aren’t crazy then how will you be able to blame all your problems later in life on childhood.

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