Today has been a great saturday. I got to sleep in until 7. I had delicious organic eggs for breakfast. Took my daughter grocery shopping and she sat quietly in the cart the entire time. That is epic in itself. Then … get ready for it…

we went to the pumpkin patch. Orange pumpkins as far as you can see. Face painting. petting zoo. playground. giant red bubble. It is the giant tarp they burry in the ground and then fill with air. its like a giant trampoline thing. Like bouncy on the earths giant red zit. akward.

My daughter wanted to take every pumpkin she could carry home with us. Thankfully she is easily distracted, so I can put the pumpkins back. What could possibly make the day better. Five guys could. Hey get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking about big juicy hamburgers. People have told me five guys is the best burgers in town, but i was skeptical to be honest. They were right. Normally I would not admit that someone else is right, but damn these were great burgers.

The only think that would make this weekend better would be pie. Oh wait my dad got me a  half a peach pie from a diner in the middle of no where lousiana. In your face. My weekend is totally kicking your weekends butt admit it.

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