Tattoos are a completely legitimate addiction. In fact its the perfect addiction.

Well until your coworker thinks you are a bad influence because of a tattoo the size of a quarter.  Oh I dont hold grudges. nope never.

Oh but that isn’t going to stop me from getting more. I mean once you get one how do you stop? I keep telling myself this will be the last one and then the rush of that needle piercing your skin and i am already plotting my next one. I cant stop. I dont want to stop. How can I become a thugged out maw maw if I am not tatted up? I mean really. Do people expect me to be a little old lady in a nice dress that plays bridge?

I often wonder why people see tattoos as a bad thing, and jobs make you cover them up. The majority of americans have tattoos. I think. Tattoos are like a window into the soul of a person. Such deep self expression. To have the courage to display a part of your true self permanently for all to see. That takes guts and should be applauded not hidden.

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