TV is so great


It sucks me in. I dont even want to watch it and then an hour has passed and I will never get that hour back. Sure there is good tv. True Blood. Vampires and sex = the only good part about sunday nights almost being monday. But the other stuff I am totally convinved is actually sucking pieces of your soul into the tv. They are collecting it. I wonder what they will do with it? The possibilities are endless. Maybe Once they get enough of it they can replace your soul with whatever tv programming they want. Ok so totally crazy idea, but it would explain some people you know. You know who I am talking about. Like that guy that lives down the street from me with  100 cats. The cops came and took his cats and he said oh hell no and got a lawyer and went out and got 70 new ones.  I am not making that up. The animal planet must have taken his soul.

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