Monday blues

The monday blues…

Regular monday blues are rough, but today I really thought I wasnt going to make it. I didnt get to watch my true blood last night, so I just went to bed. Then I think it will be ok you have lunch to get you through. Lunch will make it all ok. Then I get to work run to my computer and turn it on. Could it go any slower. Click on the link to cafeteria. Then it pops up. The pdf of the lunch menu just staring at me with nothing I particularly like. I know I sound so spoiled. But when friday was brunch for lunch my hopes are up. Maybe it will  be meatball hoagies or Fried Chicken. And then it was hamburgers. Some of you may say yes I love hamburgers. I normally would, but “we are getting healthy” and I cant eat that hamburger. But you just said fried chicken. Ok I couldnt eat that either, A girl can dream.

Oh it gets worse. I turn around and someone brought donuts. Great now I have to smell donuts all morning and not eat them. Take a deep breath I tell myself. You can do it.

The hours pass quickly my hopes are getting up I can make it through the day. The end of the day nears. I get ready to walk to my car. And it begins to rain. Of course monday you just had to have the last word didn’t you. You won the battle today monday, but the war is not over.  I will return to defeat you!

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