The most wonderful time of year

Its that time of year again. Holiday season. For some this is the most wonderful time of year others it is the most dreaded time of the year.

Guess which one I am ?

Yeah its obvious I loooooooove holiday season!!!!!! The family time, the wonderful food, the decorations, cutting down a christmas tree, the smells of fall and winter. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Now  the most important part of the season the family christmas card. We take professional pics and make them into the best photo christmas cards any one has ever seen every year. ok ok so we only did it last year, but it was epic  and thus we are doing it again.

Sounds easy right. My whole family is gorgeous so just take pics and your done. but no we have to pick out matching outfits. Should we all  white? should we wear black? what about red or green? Maybe we should all wear purple and gold and make an LSU themed card? um no. How am I supposed to decide. These will be the so nice friends and family will keep them on their fridges all year obviously so it must be good.

I searched every kid clothing store looking for ideas and guess what they all sell crap.

This will take weeks of thought.

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