Living in the South Part 1

My daughter has a tractor. Yes a large green tractor. Solid metal she climbs on in the back yard. Oh and she wears a lot of camo. I don’t buy her camo myself, but if someone gives you an adorable pink camo dress, how can you not put it on your child.

Now if you don’t live in the south you might not understand this. But down here this is quite normal.

I have heard people from way up in Virginia call themselves southerners. Face Palm. If you live north of Alabama you are not living in the deep south and quite frankly it doesn’t count. Sure you may drink sweet tea and say y’all. Oh but that does not make you southern.

Southern is a state of mind a way of living unique unto its own. It’s hard to truly explain the south’s unique beauty. It’s a beauty you love and hate at the same time, you may want to walk hell run from it but you  can’t. It sucks you in.

When I first moved to the south in high school from Minnesota. Oh they called me Yankee and told me I sounded funny. I felt so excluded. It was painful. Because in the south if we don’t know you, well then we don’t know you. What gets you though it is that once people learn to know you and welcome you into your home its for life. Its a bond of friendship unlike any other I have ever come across. This is why people are so proud of being southern and this is the same reason why if you aren’t from the south you can’t understand it because you have never experienced it.

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