Today I saw it… the purple glass coca cola cup that Mc Donald’s gives away every so often. I caught my breath and said where did you get that???

Could it be? Would I get to replace my broken glass.

They were giving them away again. God does exist. One problem, we are getting healthy as a family and Mc Donald’s large extra value meal isn’t healthy. How was I going to explain this when I got home.

Then it hit me. Just buy the meal and throw it away before you get home. Say you got the cup from a friend. It was genius. But why stop at one, you could get two meals. Then you would have two cups. Should you worry about the wasted food? No keep you eyes on the prize. Those are great cups. You loved your cup. Imagine what you could do with two cups.

Hours spent at work waiting to get off so I could get my cups. Then it hit me, what if you buy the meal and they are out of cups? You cant let the negative get to you. Focus on the positive. keep telling yourself there will be glasses.

As I sit here drinking out of the most amazing glass I ever made. I read that they will be giving away glasses until December 18th!!! Think of how many glasses I can collect.



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